The Importance Of The Food Pyramid

The main idea behind the design of the food pyramid is to make our healthy eating experience much easier. When starting a new healthy diet, people need to know if they are consuming the right amount of the basic nutrients such as protein, fat, and carbohydrate, which is where the importance of the food pyramid comes in.

The food pyramid contains several sections of foods which are usually grouped according to their nutrient’s similarity. This actually helps you know the wide variety of foods which contains a particular nutrient which thereby gives you a larger option to choose from. This way, you aren’t just stuck to one particular food just because you need that nutrient when there’s a whole world of options out there.




Benefits Of The Food Pyramid


1. Helps You Improve Your Eating Habits

Everyone who eats healthy now once started from somewhere as no one was born as an expert. But the starting point isn’t always easy as it is usually filled with the confusion of not knowing where to start from, which is where the importance of the food pyramid comes in.


Not only the food pyramid can help you get started on a healthy diet, but it can also make it easy for you to stick to it and build some good healthy eating habits. With the food pyramid, you’ll know exactly what to eat without overthinking as you will be presented with different good options to choose from.

To make it easier for you, let us give you an example. Let’s say you have no knowledge of the food pyramid, but you want to give this healthy eating thing a try. In the process of making your meal, you figure out that you need to add some protein to it to make it more balanced, but you aren’t a fan of meat and now you start thinking of what to substitute it with.


The longer you’re trying to figure it out, the more you get discouraged and, in the end, you just decide to give up the whole thing and settle for some junk food instead. But with the food pyramid, your choices are made easier for you and you’ll have new knowledge on how to improve your eating habit by knowing what to eat more of and what to cut back on.

2. Can Be Used As A Guide To Help You Eat Better

When eating healthy, it is advisable to use a guide so you can consume everything in the right proportion instead of just shoving them down as you see fit.


The reason why the food pyramid is actually the perfect guide you can go with is that aside from the fact that it has a visually attractive design; everything else is laid out in a perfect order to make anyone who looks at it quickly understand the information it is passing across.


All five groups of food are carefully illustrated in a way that would help you build your meals in a balanced and healthy way.



3. Can Be Used As A Daily Reminder

Using a food pyramid is a great way to ensure you are always reminded to eat healthy, but for this to happen, it needs to be in a place where you are sure you’ll see it daily. So, you could always print it out and paste a copy of it in your fridge, on your desk in the office or somewhere really visible where you can’t miss it.


If you are into electronics and gadgets, you can simply download a copy of the food pyramid on your cell phone or tablet so you can have easy access to it. With that in place, you are constantly reminded of eating healthy and what food to choose from for your next meal if you don’t want to repeat what you have already eaten. Pretty cool, right? At least you won’t have any excuse now on how you forgot to eat healthy for that day.




4. Gives You Some Variety

We already mentioned this earlier, but let’s talk more on this. Having a variety of choices is something everyone loves and is actually what makes most things we do interesting. If you were to stick to just one food when trying to eat healthy, the whole thing would just be really boring and discouraging.


But with the pyramid, you are offered a wide variety to choose from which makes the experience much more fun and interesting. Remember, the best way to stick to your healthy diet is to make it more fun and enjoyable.



5. Easy To Understand And Use

It is safe to say that anybody can use the food pyramid and benefit from it. You don’t really have to be an expert on nutrition to use it. With its simple design, we doubt you will ever have any trouble understanding it.

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